Mechanical jobs

Allways parts of highest quality and approved by the market.

Tires & Rims

This will allways be checked at the yearly maintenance for free.


Allways top quality fluids for your car and your using.

General Pricings

Art. # Description á price Unit
T1 Service on the spot fr. 229,00 Kr **(11,40 Kr) per Km
S3 SMALL Maintenance fr. 695,00 Kr exkl. material
S4 LARGE Maintenance fr. 895,00 Kr exkl. material
S6 Maintenance (ORIGINAL) fr. 1 095,00 Kr exkl. material
S7 Half-year inspection fr. 295,00 Kr / car
A1 Labour Fee (Adjustable) 539,00 Kr per Hour
A2 Wheelshifting (4 wheels) 190,00 Kr per shift
ASTD Labour fee (Frozen) 498,75 Kr per Hour
OTG1 Smog inspection 190,00 Kr by OBD
OTG2 Complete Troubleshoot 500,00 Kr If serviced: 250,00 Kr
A4 Flat tire 150,00 Kr per wheel
J1 On call Service fr. 49,00 Kr / month
RT1 Towing fr. 649,00 Kr Inside Halmstad
RT2 Towing, weekends fr. 849,00 Kr Inside Halmstad
RT3 Towing additional fee 449,00 Kr Outside Halmstad
OS1 Oil + Oilfilter change 250,00 Kr / car
DH1 Däckhotell fr. 395,00 Kr per season

All prices are included with tax (moms 25%).
When maintenance or service is longer then 1 hour (estimated time) you have to leave the car with it key to the mechanic. The Mechanic will contact you as soon as your car are done for collect by the contact info you gave him/her on the spot.

Comparison of current market made on 17/8-2019 for a Volvo V70 2.4 from 2003, which has driven 240000 Km. The prices can differ aswell as the serviceprograms. Source:

It's also possible to collect and leave your car at a specific place for a fee see "T1" above.

A1 - Is used instead of "ASTD" when you bring your own parts or fluids for service/for OCS or as a fee for all non online appointments by web or the app or if you don't have a MC-Autodatas account. Fee is set for 1 hour.
S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 - "SERVICE" stamp is included in your cars maintenancebook.
* - Only valid if parts/fluids is ordered from MC-Autodatas to the specific date. The offer can't be mixed up with other offers or discounts.
** - The fee for "On the spot service" when we drive out to you is 190Kr if in the current zone. If outside the zone limits this fee will be added.
*****Reservation for faulty printed or adjustments*****