Mechanical jobs

Allways parts of highest quality and approved by the market.

Tires & Rims

This will allways be checked at the yearly maintenance for free.


Allways top quality fluids for your car and your using.

Why is maintenance important?


Maintenance of the car is not only to keep the car in good condition with no more thought to hold it so the safe and reliable condition as possible. Repeated service goes in hand with the long life of your car and effectively keeps down fuel consumption, which cares for the environment and you also get out of the mechanic if there is anything you need to fix or keep an eye on. Be sure to replace worn parts or servicing regularly to keep costs down.

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Maintenance fr. 695 Kr
Original Service fr. 1 095 Kr

Simple ways to keep your car in mint condition


En bil som MC-Autodatas bygger på som projekt bil.
Volvo 855 T5, Autotech Steg3 chip, Sportfilter, 3" catback m.m ~300 Hästkrafter.

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