Mechanical jobs

Allways parts of highest quality and approved by the market.

Tires & Rims

This will allways be checked at the yearly maintenance for free.


Allways top quality fluids for your car and your using.

Down MC-Autodatas spine... (Parts of this website is translated with google translate.)

MC-Autodatas is runned with great intrest of cars and aims high on quality and great pricing for diffrent repair works, services and other modifications. With many years in the trunk and todays high-tech equipments you can be sure of you make the right choice by contactiong us. It's very important for us that you're satisfied and even more and we promise to make sure that you and your car is as safe as possible on the roads.


OBD 2 Troubleshoot

Dashboard flashing like a christmastree? Then it can be a good idea to find out why or wich part that is in need of change or a service.
fr. 250Kr

On Call Service?

Now you can sign up for On Call Service (OCS 24/7) by your account in case of something unexpected shows up. You can order OCS right here.

fr. 49Kr/month

Download our app!

It's even easier now to use MC-Autodatas! You can download and install our app for Android and iOS units or download or software for windows by clicking here.

Yearly maintenance

Is it time now? Or soon? Well we will help you with this. We have many diffrent programs to choose from that is based on your cars history and needs.
fr. 595Kr exkl. material

Pay an invoice?

You can either pay by banktransfer (find out here by your account), by bankcard or SWISH. Don't forget to put your invoicenumber as a message!

Service on the spot!

Our main workstation is where you want in borders of a radius of 60Km from Halmstad. Book an appointment now and make your everyday life even easier!

fr. 190Kr

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